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Why People Choose Us

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, a residential client, or anyone else interested in buying flooring, we take a consultative approach to help you understand the value of your carpet/flooring investment.

We manage renovation (existing space) and new construction (brand-new space) floor projects. We can provide virtually any kind of flooring you could ever want, and we are experts at performing stress-free occupied flooring replacement.

Our clients rely on our experience to help them navigate all of their commercial flooring and residential flooring options. Here are a few of the questions we answer for our clients during the process:

“How can I match the carpet to its expected usage?”
“How can carpet affect tenant renewals?”
“Do vacancies show better carpeted or uncarpeted?”
“How do I choose the right carpet for different lease lengths to maximize the return on my investment?
“Can I accrue LEED credits for my commercial property?”
“Should I buy my carpet through my general contractor or go directly to a flooring contractor?”
“Why does the backing look different from carpet to carpet? Is it important?”

We have also built strong, long-term relationships with our experienced local crews and our vendors in the marketplace. Our installers are fully insured, fully compliant with worker’s compensation laws, and committed to meeting every requirement. What you get is worry-free, punch-list free, issue-free work every time. Our teams go the extra mile for us because we go the extra mile for them.

Our clients trust us to get the job done right because we collaborate every step of the way. We price the job properly. We do not bid low and issue change orders later. More to the point, we meet our clients’ expectations and honor our commitments as evidenced by our long-term, issue-free A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Ours is the kind of expertise that is hard to beat.


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