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Our Team

Each member of the Larkin And Associates team has between 20-30 years of experience in the industry. We have built a strong business because each of us takes pride in doing exceptional flooring work and providing the best customer service in the industry.

Mike Larkin opened Larkin And Associates back in 1996 after having spent 12 years in the storage and moving industry. Before coming to Larkin, Amy Watters owned a custom carpet and wood flooring company and over the years honed her expertise in residential flooring. Drew Williams owned a flooring company for many years and built in-depth manufacturing and technical experience along the way. The newest addition to the Larkin And Associates team is Jeff Meier. He owned and operated a flooring company and specialized in flooring sales and service, including commercial and residential retail.

Together, our team has pooled this industry expertise to produce exceptional flooring work and build a highly satisfied client base. We look forward to talking with you about your flooring needs and providing you with the high-quality products and service that you expect.

The Team

Mike Larkin
Mike Larkin

(303) 202-0201

Amy Watters

(720) 201-8818 (Mobile)

Drew Williams

(303) 588-0217 (Mobile)

Jeff Meier
Jeff Meier

(303) 905-4682 (Mobile)